Pengutronix Becomes Yocto Project Participant

Not at least since the Yocto project cannot be thought away from the embedded world, Pengutronix successfully also uses OpenEmbedded next to PTXdist as a distribution build tool in various projects for several years.

Since then, we have always been as close as possible to the widely spread community, either through participation in conferences such as the OEDEM, various BoFs at the Embedded Linux Conference Europe or through discussion and contributions on the various mailing lists.

With meta-rauc, the Yocto Layer for the Open Source Update Framework RAUC, Pengutronix works closely with the community on one of the key components for modern and secure embedded systems.

We are pleased that now with the official listing as Yocto-Project Participant our contributions to the Yocto and Embedded community are visibly appreciated. We take this as a further incentive, to continue improving the reproducibility, stability and security in the development of embedded Linux system through robust build tools such as PTXdist or OpenEmbedded.

Further Readings

Tutorial: Start With RAUC Bundle Encryption Using meta-rauc

In its current master branch, RAUC now supports encrypted Bundles. This tutorial will introduce you to the basics of using encryption in RAUC and show how to use it in a simplified Yocto setup with the meta-rauc Layer.

Tutorial: Evaluating RAUC on QEMU - A Quick Setup With Yocto

RAUC is an update framework for safely deploying verified updates on your embedded Linux devices. It ensures atomicity of the update process to protect from sudden power outages, hardware failures, etc. So, why would one like to run RAUC on an emulated platform?

Yocto Project Virtual Summit 2021

On Tuesday, 25th and Wednesday, 26th, the 3rd edition of the Yocto Project Virtual Summit took place on the internet. With a fair ticket price of 40$ Pengutronix developers Jan Lübbe and Enrico Jörns got a 2-day long wild ride through the latest features, workflows and experiences with the Yocto Project.