ELC-E 2019

Tomorrow, Embedded Linux Conference Europe 2019 starts in Lyon, france, and as every year, Pengutronix crew uses this opportunity to present our recent open source activities and to meet other Linux and OSS developers. Here's the list of our talks during the next days:

Embedded Linux Conference Europe Talks

  • Introduction to the J1939 Kernel Stack: Marc Kleine-Budde and Oleksij Rempel talk about our recent activities to make Linux handle CAN communication on tractors and other heavy duty vehicles (Tue, Oct 29 2019, 12:20, Forum 1)
  • Behind the scenes of an update framework: RAUC: Enrico Jörns will discuss the main design decisions in RAUC and the latest activities to robustly update Linux systems in the field (Tue, Oct 29 2019, 15:15, Forum 3)
  • Authenticated and encrypted storage on embedded linux: Linux provides many building blocks for authenticating and/or encrypting data and code on storage devices. In his talk, Jan Lübbe discusses the different variants for embedded usecases (Wed, Oct 30 2019, 16:15, Forum 1)
  • Technical Showcase: On Tuesday evening, there is the Technical Showcase and we demonstrate the latest activities of RAUC (robust field upgrade) and Etnaviv (open source 3D graphics on i.MX8M).

Automated Testing Summit Talks

  • Labgrid: Real World Examples: Rouven Czervinski and Jan Lübbe demonstrate how we control embedded boards in our automated testlab at Pengutronix (Thu, Oct 31 2019, 11:00, Rhone 3AB)
  • New Ways out of the struggle of testing embedded devices: Chris Fiege will discuss the hardware control side of our testlab at Pengutronix and talks about our experiences (Thu, Oct 31 2019, 11:50, Rhone 3AB)

Further Readings

Netdevconf 0x16

After a longer time with online-only events, the Netdev 0x16, a conference about the technical aspects of Linux Networking, was organized as hybrid event: online and on-site at Lisbon.

Pengutronix at Electronica in Munich

This year Pengutronix again has a Booth at the Electronica trade fair in Munich, Germany. You find us in Hall B4 Booth 104 (map).

rsc's Diary: ELC-E 2022 - Day 4

Friday, the last day of ELC-E 2022, is traditionally the day of the Embedded Linux Closing Game, with Tim Bird reporting about the embedded Linux world (universe?) domination progress and the overall state of the union. Of course, there were again several interesting talks.