[Podcast] Kernel Panic - Board on Fire ~~> #005: Time Sensitive Networking - Was wann wo wieso?

In dieser Folge erzählt Johannes Zink uns was was Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) und das Precision Time Protocol (PTP) sind und warum sie zum Beispiel für Industrieanlagen und Bühnentechnik so wichtig sind.

DjangoCon Europe 2023

Django is Pengutronix' framework of choice for internal applications that handle our business processes. These internal tools are also a great opportunity to try out current developments in the Django universe.

[Podcast] Kernel Panic - Board on Fire ~~> #004: OP-TEE und TrustZone - Geheimnisträger in der CPU

In dieser Folge erzählt Rouven Czerwinski uns was OP-TEE ist, was es mit ARM TrustZone zu tun hat und wie beides zusammen arbeitet um Geheimnisse in einem Prozessor abzulegen.

Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) is easy, isn't it? - Turning it off and on again

Part of Uwe Kleine-König's work at Pengutronix is to review PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) drivers. In addition, he also sometimes refactors existing drivers and the Linux kernel PWM subsystem in general.

RAUC v1.9 Released

"Getting things off the ground" could be the motto for the v1.9 release of RAUC. The support for custom metadata in the manifest got a step further, a new, more flexible, D-Bus API for bundle inspection paved the way for obtaining more detailed information, and a new manifest hash marks the first of several planned changes for configurable event logging. However, one of the most invasive changes happened under the hood: We have started the transition from autotools to meson as a build system.

Chemnitzer Linux-Tage 2023

After the Corona break, the Chemnitzer Linux-Tage will actully take place in real life again, and the Pengutronix team will have eight (!) talks there.


The Pengutronix team is on it's way to FOSDEM in Brussels! We are looking forward to many interesting discussions with developers of different open source software components - be it the Linux kernel, Debian, KiDAC, FreeCAD etc ...

Yes we CAN... add new features

Have you ever experienced an otherwise fine product that is missing just the one feature you need for your application?

[Podcast] Kernel Panic - Board on Fire ~~> #003: Ein Rennen um Nanosekunden - Nebenläufigkeit mit Hardwareeinheiten

In dieser Folge erzählt Michael Grzeschik die Geschichte eines USB-Controllers, der dann und wann einfach aufhört zu funktionieren und davon wie er dem Fehler mit Tracing, einem Disassembler und viel Codelektüre auf die Schliche gekommen ist. Wir stellen einmal mehr fest, dass Probleme mit Nebenläufigkeit schwierig zu debuggen sind und nicht nur Software-Software Interaktion betreffen, sondern manchmal auch Software-Hardware.

DSA in Barebox

The v2022.05.0 Release of barebox introduced initial support for the Distributed Switch Architecture (DSA) Framework. DSA is originally a subsystem from the Linux Kernel, which exposes the individual ports of a network switch IC as virtual network interfaces.